Spotify’s Thrilling Revelation: Rema And Asake Crowned Global Afrobeats Ambassadors In Unveiling Of Wrapped 2023 Secrets

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In a significant nod to the meteoric rise of Nigeria’s musical sensations, Rema and Asake, Spotify has officially declared them as global ambassadors for Afrobeats in their annual Wrapped 2023 recap. The streaming giant’s recognition affirms the duo’s impact on the Afrobeats movement, both domestically and on the global stage.

Rema, hailed as one of Afrobeats’ brightest stars, achieved a groundbreaking milestone with his collaboration with American pop star Selena Gomez on the hit single “Calm Down,” becoming the first African-led single to amass a billion streams on Spotify. This achievement not only solidifies Rema’s global appeal but also marks a historic moment for African artists. The track also secured a spot on the top 10 chart of most streamed recordings globally on Spotify, reinforcing its status as a global musical phenomenon.

As Afrobeats’ global ambassadors, both Rema and Asake have left an indelible mark on the international music scene. Rema holds the title of the most globally exported artist, while Asake has captivated audiences across Nigeria, Ghana, and Togo, earning him the distinction of being the most streamed artist in each country. The enduring success of Afrobeats as the most exported genre of the year further underscores the genre’s global appeal.

Asake’s dominance extends to the Top 10 most streamed tracks, with three of his hits – “Lonely At The Top,” “2:30,” and “Amapiano” making the cut. He also emerges as the most streamed artist among Nigerian and Ghanaian Gen Z listeners, solidifying his popularity within this demographic.

Mohbad’s inclusion in the top 20 list of the most streamed artists in Nigeria reflects heightened interest in his music following his untimely death, with his track “Ask About Me” consistently topping the charts.

In the realm of female artists, Spotify RADAR alumnus and first-time Grammy Nominee Ayra Starr clinched the title of the most streamed female artist in multiple African countries, underscoring her growing influence. Gospel artist Mercy Chinwo secured a spot among the top 10 most streamed female artists in Nigeria, emphasizing the enduring popularity of gospel music.

The throwback charts for 2023 showcased the enduring appeal of the legendary 2Pac, with his song “Hit ‘Em Up – Single Version” and album “Greatest Hits” securing top spots. The resurgence of interest in 2Pac’s music is attributed to the 50th anniversary of hip-hop and the ongoing discussions surrounding his legacy.

On the podcast front, Apostle Joshua Selman’s shows, including “KOINONIA with Apostle Joshua Selman” and “Koinonia Experience With Apostle Joshua Selman (ENI),” claimed top positions among Nigerian listeners, reflecting the popularity of engaging and trend-aware content.

The Spotify Wrapped data for 2023 provides a comprehensive snapshot of Nigeria’s diverse and dynamic listening habits, showcasing the continued global impact of Nigerian artists and the enduring appeal of various genres and podcast themes.

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