Social Media Showdown: Former Buhari Aide Lambastes Peter Obi For Deleting ‘Mr. President’ Tweet

In a recent development, Bashir Ahmad, the former Special Assistant on Digital Communications to President Muhammadu Buhari, has expressed his disappointment over the actions of Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate. Ahmad criticized Obi for deleting a tweet in which he referred to Bola Tinubu as “Mr. President,” considering it a display of lacking integrity and self-control.

The incident occurred after Obi criticized President Tinubu’s reported 120-car convoy upon his return from France. In his original tweet, Obi called for sacrifices for a better Nigeria to start from leaders at all levels of government. However, he later deleted the tweet and replaced it with a new one, removing the reference to the “120-car convoy of ‘Mr. President'” and instead mentioning “a trending motorcade video.”

Bashir Ahmad expressed his disappointment with Obi’s decision, stating that he genuinely feels sorry for the former presidential candidate of the Labour Party. Ahmad believes that Obi has lost control over himself and his opinions, questioning how he could delete a well-composed tweet addressing the president just because some individuals claiming to be his supporters bullied and attacked him.


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