Sins Of Godwin Emefiele, Former CBN Governor’ – Charlse Awuzue

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Former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Godwin Emefiele, has been accused of various wrongdoings during his tenure. According to Charles Awuzie, a Nigerian software engineer and cybersecurity expert, Emefiele’s actions have had a negative impact on the country’s economy and society.

One of the major accusations against Emefiele is his ban on fiat-crypto transactions in Nigeria. Awuzie claims that this ban has created a parallel economy that has benefited young people and that President Tinubu should revisit the ban to help the country’s young population.

Awuzie also accuses Emefiele of destroying Nigeria’s GDP during his tenure. He claims that the GDP started spiraling downwards in 2015, and life has become more difficult for Nigerians since then.

The former CBN governor has also been accused of having links to terrorism. Awuzie alleges that the DSS, Nigeria’s secret police, has accused Emefiele of being a funder of unknown gunmen. Emefiele has allegedly used his power and connections to evade arrest.

Another accusation against Emefiele is his presidential ambition. Awuzie claims that while Emefiele was governor of the CBN, he declared his ambition to run for the presidency and branded multiple vehicles costing millions of Naira.

Finally, Awuzie accuses Emefiele of launching a shady national digital currency after banning crypto in Nigeria. He questions Emefiele’s motives and asks if he was an internal enemy of Nigeria.

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