Shagari Lost His Presidency Because Of The Igbos, Told Me And Okadigbo What To Do – Dan Ulasi

Chief Dan Ulasi, the former Chairman of PDP in Anambra state had an interview with AIT were he called on the Igbos to unite and develop their region before aiming for presidency.

Chief Dan Ulasi noted that when the Igbos unites it would become very easy for them to produce a president. He used the case of Tinubu as an example, he said Tinubu created a channel in the south west which united the region and they were able to move to the federal level, he also said president Buhari did the same thing.

Speaking further, Chief Dan revealed what Shehu Shagari, the first democratically elected president of Nigeria told him and Chuba Okadigbo when they visited him in his village. Chief Dan said three months after Shehu Shagari was removed from office through a coup two of his children were involved in an accident and one of them died, so Chuba Okadigbo asked him to accompany him to visit his former boss in Sokoto state, Chief Dan said they spent almost an hour and half with Shehu Shagari in his village and when they were about to leave Shehu Shagari called them back and told them that he lost his presidency because of the Igbos, and no Igbo man can be president in this country if the Igbos don’t go back to put the former eastern region together and Delta.

Shagari said the Igbos should have a constituency that the rest of the country will take serious because the hatred on the Igbos is too much and the Igbos have to look inwards. Chief Dan said that is why Ojukwu formed the Nigerian People’s movement.


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