See Why There Are No Snakes in Ireland

There have been so many rumors and speculations about why there are no snakes in Ireland; different people have come up with different myths and phenomena, which are false. The real reason will be discussed in this article.

Snakes belong to the reptile family. They are long, with no limbs, cold-blooded, predatory, with skulls resembling lizard (Caused by evolution, according to scientists) ancestors. They have no claws and limbs, digestive organs, the feed by swallowing their prey with their heads; that contains venomous substance.

The reason why there are no snakes in Ireland, scientific; it is believed by scientists that the surface of the area between Ireland and England about 8,500 years was fully covered when the glacier was melting; it also believed that 6,500 years ago, Britain and Europe went underwater, while the snakes undergo hibernation.
After few years, Ireland rose back to the earth’s surface as an attachment to Europe, which enabled it to live on the land.

After thousands of years, science recorded that an Ice age surfaced in Ireland, and snakes being cold-blooded animals, couldn’t survive in such an atmosphere went into extinction.

To date, there is not even a single fossil record of Ireland, which made some scientists conclude that Snakes never has one appeared in Ireland.

Other animals that also went to extinction in Ireland during this period are; brown bears, lynx, and wild boars.


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