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Earlier today, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission forward a summon letter to the former Governor Of Anambra state, there have been questions regarding why EFCC summoned Peter Obi.

Recall that, a week ago, on Sunday, 10 2021, an investigative newspaper and media company published an article revealing that some colossal figure’s in Nigeria has been operating an offshore company abroad secretly. The paper also revealed the names of the owner and the locations, on the list was; Peter Obi, and Bishop Oyedepo of the Living Faith Gospel church.

The reason why EFCC summoned Peter Obi has not been revealed by the Economic Financial Commission neither Obi. But there are speculations that the matter is connected to the issue of having an offshore company has revealed by the Papers.

According to sources, the invitation was sent to Obi about a week ago, and he was ordered to report at the EFCC office in Abuja on October 27 for a series of questioning.

There are rumors that the offshore company was an illegal asset, as Mr. Obi did not declare that he has an offshore company, at the Code of Conduct Bureau during his regime as a Governor, and also acquired a Firm in the United Kingdom, and also operated a foreign account which was forbidden for an incumbent Governor.

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