See Top Funny Twitter Post About Oxlade Trending S*x Tape

After much bants on various social media platforms. BEST NEWS NETWORK Entertainment Team has brought a compilation of top funny Twitter posts about singer Oxlade trending s*x tape.

During the late hours of Tuesday, 9th of February, different s*x clip videos of a popular upcoming Afro-Best artist hit all social media platforms.

The Juju crooner, Oxlade was seen in a clip showing off his sexual prowess with a lady. He was actively servicing an unknown lady in different styles.

In another video, he was also captured in front of a mirror massaging his dick while videoing himself.

This has prompted Netizen to comment about the “away” crooner sexual prowess and how good he was good at using his small d*ck.

Check out the top funny Twitter post about Oxlade trending S*x tape, as compiled by our Entertainment Team.


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