SAN lawyer Roast Obasanjo Over His Comment On Oil Ownership

A Senior Advocate Of Nigeria, (SAN) lawyer Mike Ozekhome has berated the two times former president of Nigeria, Obasanjo over his comment on oil ownership in Nigeria.

Recall that, Olusegun Obasanjo once stated that the ownership of petrol and other mineral resources belongs to Nigeria at large and should not be hoarded or controlled by the communities specifically Niger-Delta.

However, lawyer Mike Ozekhome came out to berate Obasanjo over his comment on oil ownership in Nigeria.

Via a six-page letter, Mike states that the constitution does not provide that natural resources found in a certain environment should be generalized as being owned by the whole country.

Mineral resources found in Niger Delta and other regions belong to the oil-bearing communities.

Generalizing such are inhuman and such laws aren’t right nor justifiable, the oil communities are being repressed, suppressed, oppressed, neglected, punished with the destruction of aquatic and agrarian life.


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