Rufai Makes Demand From Peter Obi, Says Holding Him Responsible If He Fails Is Not Good Enough

During the Arise TV morning show, the Nigerian journalist and presenter, Oseni Rufai, stated that the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, must release his manifesto, irrespective of what he has said, pointing out that the manifesto represents his contract with Nigerians.

Rufai stated that Peter Obi has told Nigerians to hold him responsible if he fails in his promises, adding that it is not enough. Rufai further stated that if not for the manifesto, the APC would have denied their various promises to Nigerians. 

According to him, “Yes, you’ve said it many times that we should hold you responsible for the things you say, but that’s not good enough.” We must have a working document, which is your contract with Nigerians. “Your manifesto is your contract with Nigerians, and every politician has to have it one way or the other.”



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