Rivers Crisis: “Will You Allow Anybody To Just Cut You Out Immediately?” Wike Breaks Silence [VIDEO]

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The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, has spoken out about the ongoing political crisis in Rivers State, emphasizing that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is actively addressing the matter.

Wike made these remarks while receiving South-South leaders at his office on Tuesday. He highlighted the importance of maintaining one’s political base, stating, “Once I lose my base as a politician, I’ve lost my relevance politically.”

He further asserted that no amount of criticism directed at him would disturb his peace of mind, emphasizing the need for the right actions to be taken.

“All of us want to be politically relevant; all of us want to maintain our political structure,” the minister noted. He questioned the idea of allowing someone to undermine one’s political foundation, emphasizing the importance of political bases.

Wike stated that the internal disputes within the party would be resolved through the party’s internal mechanisms.

He explained, “In politics, there are a lot of internal wranglings. But to come out and say ‘Oh, they want to do this against me, it will not work.’ I had every power then to say where this thing is going. So, when things are wrong, you ask questions. It is a party affair. The party knows how they resolve their own mechanisms; it is not an ethnic affair.”

“Our party is coming to it, that is what I will say. Every politician has his own interest,” he added.

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