Revealed: Andy Uba Plots To Handle IPOB As Governor

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Despite the fact that APGA is more popular in Anambra State than APC, he is enthusiastic about being the next governor.

Nkem Okeke, the incumbent Deputy Governor of Anambra State, Senator Stella Oduah, and some APGA MPs have all defected to the APC, giving him the impression that the people of Anambra are ready to welcome the party.

Senator Andy Uba, the APC candidate in the November 6 guber election, is in that mood.

While other political leaders in the state are concerned about IPOB’s recent directive, Uba is certain that the election will go ahead and that he will win.

Andy Uba, according to the Guardian newspaper, has a strategy for dealing with IPOB once he becomes governor of the state. He stated that incumbent Governor Willie Obiano and the APGA government are docile and weak.

This will be the main focus for our conversation in this post.

How does Andy Uba plot to handle IPOB once he becomes Governor?

Some feel that unemployment is one of the reasons why some youths in the South-East are protesting, and Andy Uba intends to address the issue of IPOB from that perspective.

He feels that the APGA and Governor Willie Obiano are weak, which is why they are unable to start a dialogue with the secessionists to end the conflict once and for all.

Some people, however, would disagree with Uba and his proposed method because the issue of agitations in the South-East goes much beyond unemployment.

It has more to do with the perceived marginalization of the South-East, which many young people in Igboland believe is exacerbated by the current APC-led federal administration.

While some Igbo leaders believe that dialogue is the best approach to achieve long-term peace in the region, the federal government under President Muhammadu Buhari does not appear to be ready for it at this time.

However, we will have to wait and watch if Andy Uba’s method for dealing with agitations in the South-East works if he is elected Governor.

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