Reno Omokri Replies Man Who Said Igbos Are The Pillar Of Music In Nigeria

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Reno Omokri was using his social media outlets to respond to a critic of his comments against the Yoruba language and the music industry.

Reno Omokri took to his social media accounts a few hours ago to give his thoughts on the music industry, namely how the Yoruba music genre has taken Nigeria’s music industry global. Reno Omokri also urged on universities and research organizations to conduct study into why Yoruba music is so popular, so that artists can use the information to cross international borders with their music.

Dimi Vibrant was in the comment section after Reno Omokri said such things, reminding Reno Omokri that Ckay did not sing in Yoruba and that his music crossed borders, and he advised Reno Omokri to stop speaking stuff he doesn’t know. Finally, Dimi stated that the Igbos are the foundations of Nigerian music and the entertainment business in general.

After seeing the comment, Reno Omokri urged Dimi to show him a Nigerian musician that sings in a language other than Yoruba and has successfully crossed over, so that he may fix his error, because he is a human being as well.

Read Reno Omokri’s reply to Dimi’s comment below.

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