Reaction As Royal Family Calls Out MC Oluomo over plan to ascend throne illegally

The royal family of Oshodi, Olushi Onigbesa has called out the National Chairman of transport workers, MC Oluomo over his plan to ascend the throne illegally.

The callout was also backed up with a petition to Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the Governor Of Lagos to stop the Babaric act of Musiliu Akinsanya from becoming Oba of Oshodi.

The Royal family called Olushi Onigbesa called out Out MC Oluomo during a press conference, and also revealed his plan to ascend the throne illegally.

The statement was made by the Royal Family Head, Kabiru Eyantan, who stated that Mr. Musiliu has been parading himself on social media platforms as the next king of Oshodi on several occasions.

Kabiru also alleged that Musiliu has garnered support from different people; even some first-class kings. The royal family has begged the Governor of Lagos State to stop the act.


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