Reaction As Nnamdi Kanu Wins Federal Government, See details

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The Indigenous People Of Biafra convener, Nnamdi Kanu has won the Federal Government in the trial that was held earlier today.

Recall that, Best News Team reported earlier today that, a trial will be held today in High Court in Abia State after Nnamdi Kanu filed a suit against the Federal Government and the attorney-General of the federation over alleged infringement of fundamental human rights.

The court session kick-started around 8 am presided by Justice Benson Anya, after the statement of the suit, defense, and accusation from the legal team of both sides, Nnamdi Kanu won the Federal Government and Minister of Justice.

Justice Benson Anya ruled that the public should be given access to courtroom or court premises during the trial of Nnamdi Kanu, and also ordered that court observers should not be arrested by the Security officer his Kanu’s trial on whatsoever condition.

He also banned officers of the Department of State Services, Mobile Police, Soldiers Nigeria Police Force, and another security operative from blocking the road to leading to the court during Kanu’s trial unless ordered by the presiding Justice.

This is coming after Igbo leaders, Kanu’s lawyer, reporters, IPOB followers, journalists have been barred from attending the courtroom by operatives of the Department’s State Security Service, and only prison officials and policemen posted In duty should be allowed into the court of law.

Justice Benson said that militarising court premises are undemocratic and illegal, also asked that the sanctity of the judiciary, freedom to a fair hearing, and fundamental rights of the people must not be infringed on.

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