Reaction As Judge Sends Powerful Warning To Nnamdi Kanu Lawyer

The presiding judge over the treason case of detained Biafra people leader, Justice Binta, has sent a warning to Nnamdi Kanu lawyer, Ejiofor Ifeanyi, over breach of procedure.

The trial held earlier today favored Nnamdi Kanu after the court granted the application forwarded by his legal team before adjourning the case till January 2022.

However, during the court session, the judge sent a warning to Nnamdi Kanu lawyer over breach of procedure.

Justice Nyako stated that Ifeanyi Ejiofor has been sending lengthy letters to her directly instead of sending them via the court Registrar. She condemned the act and promised not to condole such an act again.

The alleged letter was said to have asked the court to reschedule the Nnamdi Kan case from January 2022 to an early date, but the application was rejected.


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