Question I Asked Myself When Peter Obi Said President And His Vice Are Not The Same – Charles Aniagwu

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In an interview with Arise News, Charles Aniagwu, spokesman, PDP presidential campaign organisation, disclosed the question he asked himself when Peter obi, Labour Party presidential candidate, said that the president and its vice president are not the same.

Charles Aniagwu disclosed this when he was reacting to what the Labour Party said: they will not grace any future town hall meetings or similar gatherings if it is by proxy representation.

He began by clarifying that there is nothing like proxy representation because Governor Okowa is part of the ticket. He added that Labour Party is not coming to talk to Atiku; they are coming to talk to Nigerians.

Charles Aniagwu said he did not begrudge the Obidient because many of them are just coming to the political terrain and they do not understand that the president and the vice president are share men twins, as clearly put by the Supreme Court of the land that one can not separate the two.

“Peter Obi, in trying to please his base, was trying to say there is a difference between the president and the vice president, and he made reference to the issue of commander-in-chief. I asked myself, does it mean that Peter Obi is not aware of the constitutional provision. Our constitution makes it clear that when the president is not available, the vice president assumes totally all the functions of the president, including the commander-in-chief.”

Charles Aniagwu gave the example of vice president Yemi Osinbajo , who, he said, not long ago changed the head of the DSS as a commander-in-chief when President Buhari was not around.

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