Presidency: What APC Will Do Tinubu – Nigeria Pastor Reveals

Olatobiloba Peters, the Senior Pastor of Divine Mercy Church, has warned Bola Tinubu, a presidential candidate in 2023, against going forward with his campaign.

Members of the All Progressives Congress, or APC, would receive Tinubu’s money and vote against him, according to Pastor Peters.

The priest told DAILY POST that God revealed to him that APC members will use Tinubu’s money to advocate for Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to be elected president.

Tinubu, who notified President Muhammadu Buhari of his decision to run for President in 2023, said it was a long-held ambition of his.

In his choice to succeed Buhari in 2023, the APC National Leader stated he is still speaking with important stakeholders.

Tinubu, on the other hand, was made by God to build monarchs, not to be one himself, according to Pastor Peters.

The former Lagos State Governor was encouraged by the pastor not to waste his money on a presidential bid.

He did warn, though, that if Tinubu gains power by rigging, Nigerians will be sorry.

According to Peters: “This is the message God gave me to Tinubu, don’t run for Presidency because you will never get it. God didn’t create him to be king.

“His original purpose in life is to build, make, turn people into king materials, what you call kingmakers.

“Tinubu should not waste his money and time because it won’t work. If he insists on running and rigging himself into power, Nigeria would be worse.

“Nigeria would regret Tinubu ever ruled them. All the legacies he built over the years would go off the window.

“I see they are trying to get Osinbajo to run, should he agree to run; APC will collect Tinubu’s money and use it to campaign for Osinbajo. With what I have heard from God, I would advise Tinubu to step down and support Osinbajo.”


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