Poetic Expression Of Peter Obi’s Presidential Ambition By Dollar Kenthouky

So many terrors and horrors have plagued us

Dividing and plundering our beloved bosoms

Rendering our grass brown, darker than the stones which bear no life

The fire consuming everywhere

The chaos destroying our faith in living…

Why would one want to come out again, when our eyes have been plucked out?

To make matters worse

The green and white person lay in the carnage

Between fire and bloodied ragged stones

Perhaps death is knocking…

But lo,


Who lifts the green and white person up?

Who shines a smile through the gloom for our hearts to see?

Who is the crowd coming out to acknowledge?


Is he hope?

Is he possible restoration?

Is he our long lost strength?

Is he the future?

Well, the future will tell all that

But I know

He is Peter Obi

And he is on a Rescue Mission

This is our time to be saved!


___Ita, Dollars Kenthouky

Poet Dollar Kenthouky


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