Peter Obi: Relying On Youths Is Not Enough, Gumi Advice LP Candidate

Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, has revealed the kind of leader Nigerians should queue behind in 2023.

According to him, the country needs an experienced politician to succeed the President Muhammadu Buhari as his tenure ends in 2023.

Gumi noted that Nigerians should do away with ethno-religious politics in the 21st century to build a united country.

Speaking to journalists in Kaduna, he argued that the next President should be one with experience.

While assessing the three leading presidential candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar; the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu; and Labour Party, Peter Obi, the fiery cleric said Nigeria does not need a novice as president, but an experienced politician.

Assessing Atiku for the 2023 presidency, Gumi argued that though the former Vice President might have contested several times, “Nigeria needs an experienced politician. We don’t need a novice to be President. The situation in Nigeria today needs an experienced politician to solve it.”

On Tinubu, he said, “It is not proper for him to say it is his turn. There is no question saying it is my turn. Don’t say it is my turn because if people like you, they will vote for you. He is a good administrator, he can do it.”

On Obi, the cleric said, “Youths following him are divided like the adults. He needs to reach out to other segments of Nigerians. Relying on youths is not enough. He has to be all over the place, and not leave politics to one region.”


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