Peter Obi Exposes What Happened When He Accompanied American President On A Trip In The Past

In a recent video shared on AIT’s YouTube channel, former Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi, highlighted disparities in expenditure practices between Nigeria and the United States.

Obi said that in America, there are no extravagant renovations of multiple houses for the President, and when the U.S. President travels, they stay in a hotel.

He also pointed out that vehicles are not purchased for legislators, and there is no designated office for the First Lady.

In the video, Obi said; “I have never heard in America that they bought vehicles for legislators, you can’t just buy cars anyhow. You can’t buy cars for first ladies anyhow, in America there is no office called the office of First Lady.”

He stated that the concept of the First Lady’s office exists in name and is meant to accompany the president on trips, not to have a dedicated office with extensive budgets beyond developmental criteria areas.

Obi further noted that in America, if the President chooses to entertain guests or have different dishes, it is their responsibility to cover the expenses. He urged Nigeria to consider appropriate expenditure management aligned with the country’s needs.


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