Pastor Adeboye Reveals People That Will Die From Omicron

General Overseer of the Redeemed Church Of God, Pastor Adeboye, has created controversies after revealed the set of people that will die from omicron.

The Omicron virus, which is regarded as a variant of Covid-19, has been attacking different countries all across the globe, the virus originated a few months ago, and it is gaining widespread all over the world.

The virus was detected in Nigerian after a Ghana passenger that flew into the country rested positive during asteat at the airport; this has created a lot of fear in Nigerians who are still feeling the effect of Covid-19.

Pastor Adeboye, during an annual convention, revealed the set of people that will die from the omicron virus in Nigeria. The clergyman stated that their period is up and destined by God would die from the virus.

He also emphasized that prayers are highly needed now; technologies and resources from advanced countries are still battling to conquer the disease.


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