Outrage As Fulani Muslim Evangelist Converted To Christian Arrested

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Outrage Erupts over Arrest of Converted Fulani Muslim Evangelist Musa Bello. Nigerians are demanding the immediate release of Evangelist Musa Bello, a former Muslim who converted to Christianity, following his arrest by the police.

The Fulani muslim, now a target of his kinsmen, has faced severe attacks and lost his personal security during an attack at Tipper Garage.

Evangelist Bello’s story has sparked outrage among Nigerians, who argue that converting from Islam to Christianity should not come at such a high price.

Many have pointed out that Christians who convert to Islam are not met with the same level of persecution, and they should be allowed to freely choose and practice their religion of choice.

“Many Christians converted to Islam and families left them alone to enjoy their new found “faith”, they go about their business freely without issue why is it that converting from Islam to any religion especially Christianity comes at such a huge price?

“Is just like leaving a cult which means “death by all means”. It’s time for the Nigerian Christian community to put an end to this madness”, Akaji said.

Miss Pearls, a Nigerian organization, has called on all well-meaning Nigerians to join hands in demanding the release of Evangelist Musa Bello.

“All well-meaning Nigerians should join in demanding for the release of Evangelist Musa who was arrested for conversion to Christianity.

” Everyone should be allowed to pick, choose & practice any religion of their choice freely!”,.

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