Our Kidnappers Asked Us To Undress And Once You Are Naked, They Will Ask You To Go Into A Room – Victim

Insecurity has been one of the major threats Nigerians are facing nowadays. Even though the Buhari-led administration has been putting everything in place to make sure that normalcy returns to every region of the country, some bad people in Nigeria are still causing havocs in some region of the country.

The South-West is plagued by a surge in cybercrime, armed robbery, kidnapping, domestic crime, extrajudicial killings, herder-farmer conflicts, ritual killings, and banditry. However, while some people are so unfortunate to scrape through these insecurities, some Nigerians were so fortunate to escape from the dens of these perpetrators.

On Wednesday, a victim of abduction identified as Marvelous Omobobola, a National Diploma 1 student of Agricultural Engineering, Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu, has narrated his ordeal while he was abducted along with two other persons on Saturday while returning to his hostel from school.

While speaking to Punch Newspapers, Omobobola narrated that some people were actually killed at the place they were taken to and the reason why he was released was because he had a cross chain of the Celestial Church of Christ on his waist.

He noted that he the kidnappers would ask their victims to undress and direct them to go to a particular room where they are killed. Additionally, Omobobola disclosed that he was kept in a separate room while the kidnappers called his mother to quickly pay some ransom before their boss would find out.

He said, “They told us to undress and once you are naked, they will point to a particular room & say the person should go into the room.”

He further said he saw some people that usually come to buy human part.

“Some people were taking human parts out. I think those taking it out were the ones buying it,” he added.


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