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Janemena, a prominent Nigerian dancer and brand influencer, turned to social media to express her disappointment with her husband’s behavior after she farted in his presence late at night.

Janemena shared an audio voice tape of her husband leaving her alone in the bedroom after she farted in his presence a few hours earlier. Janemena could be heard on the voice note pleading with her husband to return home, explaining that he was fleeing because of a minor mistake.

Janemena with her husband in a photo.

“Ordinary small mess,” she said, according to Janemena. “I am sleeping alone tonight.”

Looking over Janemena’s words, it appears that she was lamenting the fact that she would have to sleep alone because her husband had left the room after she farted in his presence.

Farting is beneficial because it allows collected gas to be released from the body system through the anus, yet most people consider it disrespectful when it is done in their presence.

Let’s have your opinion in this regard. What do you think about what Janemena did, is it a bad habit for a lady to fart in the presence of her husband?


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