Onyeka Nwelue: Biography, State Of Origin, Education Career And More

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Onyeka Nwelue

Onyeka Nwelue’s Personal Information

Full NameOnyekachukwu George Nwelue
Date of Birth31 January 1988
State of OriginImo State, Nigeria
BirthplaceEzeoke Nsu, Imo State, Nigeria
Parents– Father: Chukwuemeka Samuel Nwelue
– Mother: Catherine Ona Nwelue
OccupationNovelist, Filmmaker, Musician

Early Life And Family

Onyeka Nwelue, born on January 31, 1988, in Ezeoke Nsu, Imo State, Nigeria, came from a family with notable connections. His father, Chukwuemeka Samuel Nwelue, was involved in local politics, while his mother, Catherine Ona Nwelue, was a social scientist. Moreover, his aunt, Professor Leslye Obiora, held the esteemed position of Nigeria’s former Minister of Mines and Steel.

Onyeka Nwelue’s Career And Achievements

Prolific Writing Career with Self-Publishing Ventures

Nwelue’s literary journey has been marked by prolific output, boasting 22 books in his bibliography. Of particular note is the fact that the majority of these works were either self-published or published through his own companies. His contributions to literature include novels like “The Beginning of Everything Colourful,” “The Lagos Cuban Jazz Club,” “The Strangers of Braamfontein,” and “An Angel on the Piano.” His writing prowess earned him recognition from the Association of Nigerian Authors, receiving nominations in both fiction and poetry categories.


Nwelue expanded his creative horizons by venturing into filmmaking. His documentary, “House of Nwapa,” received critical acclaim and was shortlisted in the Best Documentary category at the 2017 Africa Movie Academy Awards. In the following year, he adapted his novella, “Island of Happiness,” into an Igbo film titled “Agwaetiti Obiụtọ.” This adaptation garnered nominations in the Best First Feature Film and Best Film in an African Language categories at the 2018 Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Personal Life

Details about Onyeka Nwelue’s personal life are not explicitly mentioned in the provided information. His career and creative endeavors appear to have been a significant focus of his public identity.

Legacy And Impact

While Nwelue’s career has been marked by both achievements and controversies, his contributions to literature and filmmaking have left an indelible mark on the Nigerian creative landscape. His self-publishing ventures and extensive writing have inspired emerging authors. His filmmaking endeavors have explored the rich tapestry of African storytelling.

Notable Works Or Projects

  • “The Beginning of Everything Colourful”: Nominated for the Association of Nigerian Authors Annual Fiction Prize.
  • “The Lagos Cuban Jazz Club”: Nominated for the Association of Nigerian Authors Annual Poetry Prize.
  • “House of Nwapa”: Acclaimed documentary, shortlisted at the Africa Movie Academy Awards.
  • “Agwaetiti Obiụtọ”: Igbo film adaptation of “Island of Happiness,” receiving nominations at the Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Onyeka Nwelue’s Controversies

Academic Visitorship and Misuse of University Affiliations

In 2021, Onyeka Nwelue was granted the title of Academic Visitor at the African Studies Centre at the University of Oxford. During his tenure, he falsely represented himself as a professor at both Oxford and the University of Cambridge, even using their logos for commercial events. These actions led to investigations by both universities, resulting in Nwelue’s termination due to “persistent unacceptable breaches of its terms.” It was clarified that Academic Visitorship was not a form of employment, and Nwelue was not compensated nor had responsibilities to the universities. Nwelue has issued an apology and appealed his termination to Irene Tracey, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford.

James Currey Fellowship

Nwelue initiated a James Currey Fellowship, claiming it was established in collaboration with the University of Oxford to sponsor African authors’ attendance at both Oxford and Cambridge. However, the university denied any involvement with the fellowship. Subsequently, reports suggested that the fellowship primarily benefited Nwelue’s financial associates. The fellowship’s recipients included individuals who had close ties with Nwelue through book deals and literary agency collaborations.

Controversial Views

During his time at Oxford, Nwelue posted offensive content on Twitter, including racist, classist, and misogynist remarks. He apologized for these tweets, describing them as a “social experiment” to gather feedback for an upcoming book. However, the tweets drew significant criticism for their offensive nature.

Allegations of Mocking Sexual Harassment

In January 2023, Onyeka Nwelue was accused of mocking the prevalence of sexual harassment in journalistic circles during a book launch organized by Nigerian blogger David Hundeyin. Allegedly, both Nwelue and Hundeyin made remarks suggesting that women had “slept their way to the top,” which led to backlash from students present at the event.

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