Omokri Reveals How Fear Of ‘Village People’ Can Be Reduce

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Goodluck Ebele’s former presidential aide Jonathan Reno Omokri is a politician, lawyer, preacher, activist, motivational speaker, social media figure, and influencer from Nigeria. He posted a message to his supporters on his official Facebook page a few hours ago, saying, “If This Truth Can Be Accepted By Blacks, The Fear Of ‘Village People’ Will Reduce.”

According to him, your parents are the only ones who are responsible for looking after you. Furthermore, he emphasized that if they pass away before you reach adulthood, the next of kin will be the one to carry on from where they left off.

Furthermore, he asserts that none of your relatives are wicked if they refuse to help you while your father and mother are still living and giving birth to new children. Furthermore, he stated that if people can accept the complete truth, the enmity between families, as well as the dread of the people in the hamlet, will be reduced.

People, on the other hand, might say that their uncles and aunts are harsh since they don’t seem to care about them while their donors are still alive, he said. Finally, he stated that such people question themselves as to who is the evil one among their relatives and the one who gave birth to them. As he concludes, the mentality of ownership has been the basis of the problem among black Africans.

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