Nude Photos Of Popular Female Football Referee Leaked Online

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Diana Di Meo, a 22-year-old football referee, has admitted to being a victim of revenge pørn.

Private and sęxual images and films were stolen from a football official in the coastal city of Pescara and disseminated on WhatsApp and Telegram, according to the official. Authorities have been notified, and the perpetrators face up to six years in prison for disseminating the content without her permission.

Diana Di Meo thanked fans for their expressions of support in a three-minute video she shared with her almost 100,000 Instagram followers.

The football official who is also a law student, said; 

“These are private videos that have been stolen from me.

“Someone must have managed to get into my mobile phone. Otherwise, I have no idea how they were taken.

“I have filed a complaint and the authorities will take care of everything. I thank all the boys and girls who are writing to me from all over Italy.

“It is a situation that I do not wish on anyone, I am trying to resist but not everyone succeeds. We must report these videos and the people who continue to share these things.”

Di Meo also courageously told her followers that she hopes others will follow her example, in the aim that victims of the same crime will find the ‘voice’ to speak out.

She added; 

“I’m here to talk about it, many of us can’t do it and hide.

“I hope to give a voice to all those victims who are blamed, when in reality the culprit is on the other side of the screen.

“Today the victim is me, tomorrow it could be a person close to those who maybe now are watching the videos and smiling.”

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