Not Jonathan, Dokubo Reveals Why Presidency Must Come from the South-East

Famous Ijaw freedom fighter Asari Dokubo has given an opinion concerning the upcoming 2023 election, in which he stated why the presidency must come from the South eastern region.

Recall that the issue of zoning the presidential ticket had been an issue troubling political parties and figures in Nigeria.

There are claims that the position has been held by Buhari (Northern citizen) for eight years, and there should be a shift to another region; South West or South East.

Regarding this, Dokubo gave reasons why the presidency must come from the South-Eastern region.

Dokubo stated that South-West indigenes have no right to lay claims to the position, considering the havoc former president, Olusegun Obasanjo from the region, wrecked during his eight year’s regime.

“I have told Jonathan not to contest for the position but support any candidates from the South East.”


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