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In Africa, there is electricity problems, some of the African roads is now a death trap.

Many African Nations have accepted to become a tension prone society due to the boundaries created for them by their colonial masters in 1885 Berlin Conference in Germany.

When will africans learn to unite and love themselves beyond their independence national flags, tribe, religion, ethnicity, culture, sex or political parties

The health care system in Africa is in shambles. African youth are humiliated outside their continent and they are being sold for slave within Africa because there is no job for them.

About 25 million Nigerians are disabled and thousands are in different IDP camps.

I pray for God to baptize one of you; my dear reader and leader with fresh ideas on how to solve some of these problems and connect you with the right partners to make it happen as soon as possible.

Don’t trust any politician but trust in God to download the ideas into your mind and grant you the grace to find the solutions to the challenges facing africa

Indeed, Africa has many different types of challenges facing them, but the only one solution needed to solve those problems is right education.

False and wrong educational systems is the origin of all the problems, terrorism, civil wars, Kidnapping, anarchy, insecurities, recession, poverty and political brouhaha witnesses in Africa today.

Africa has never budgeted any meaningful fund to support, promote and preserve right educational system. No wonder, Africa was given freedom from slavery, but never was they given equality with there slave masters.

Right Educational system is far beyond reading , writing, arithmetic and signature. Right educational system is all about knowing what your people needs and being able to give such good things to your people.

False and wrong educational system teaches African Students that politics is all about power

But right educational system enlighten the wise Africans to understand now that politics is not all about power acquisition and consolidation, but to also use such political power to serve the people even if you usurped to power!

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