“No One Cares Untill You Drop Dead” – Actress Savour Blasts Colleagues

Another tragic day for Nollywood happened yesterday, when popular actor Sam Obiago passed away. Sedater Savour, a prominent Nollywood actress in Delta State, contacted her colleagues, who were quick to disclose Sam Obiago’s death on social media.

They didn’t celebrate him while he was living, and they didn’t check in on him while he was unwell, according to the actress, but they were fast to announce his death.

 ” Dear Nollywood, when one is alive you won’t celebrate that person but the minutes he dies you spread pictures with fake writeups of how much you love them

 ” No one cares untill you drop dead, you all should quit with the fake love. My brother would call you if he didn’t see you for a week to ask and be sure everything was fine and even find you wherever you are to encourage you but sad his case was different


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