Nigerians in US brand Buhari’s govt a ‘monumental failure’

The Diaspora Council of Nigerian Youths (DCNY), a group based in the United States on Thursday branded President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration a monumental failure.

In a statement issued in Chicago Illinois by the President of the Council, Yinka Gbadebo, and General Secretary, Dr. Bashir Dasuki, the Council warned Nigerians against supporting any presidential candidate who promised to continue with the legacy of the Buhari administration, and the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Nigeria has been beset by several problems including insecurity, poor economy, and corruption among public officials in the last seven years.

The statement read: “We are emboldened by President Buhari’s monumental failure to say that the people of Nigeria should reject him, those who believe in continuity of failure and his All Progressives Congress (APC) and look for a Nigerian who calls it black when it is black and white when it is white.

“The Council reflected on the current political situation and continuous deterioration of the Nigerian state vis-a-vis the abysmal performance of the APC– led administration and affirmed that the party has clearly failed Nigerians and damaged the nation’s reputation almost to a point of no redemption through it apparent lack of ideas and lackadaisical approach towards the delivery of good governance and its own avowed electoral promises.

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“The Council notes with sadness that all promises made by President Buhari in 2015 had been mere campaign rhetoric. Nigeria has never been this divided, insecure and economically backward.

“Under President Buhari’s watch, Nigeria became the poverty capital of the world and a robust hub for terrorists. In fact, every facet of the Nigerian polity has witnessed a drastic downward spiral since he took power.

“Quite interesting that the political predators are out again to hoodwink Nigerians with fake promises. No one should be deceived by these failed politicians struggling just for political and economic domination of the people again.

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“It is quite annoying that despite the obvious poverty and insecurity the APC have thrown Nigerians into, many of the shameless aspirants continue to preach continuity of hunger, poverty, insecurity and corruption. Nigerians can’t afford to have their likes running affairs of the nation beyond the terminal on May 29, 2023, their tenure expires.

“As delegates of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) prepare for its presidential primaries, it is important to state that Nigerians in the Diaspora are watching keenly if the party is up for redemption and rescue of the nation from its tottering state.”

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