Nigerian UK-based Pastor Predicts What Will Happen After Tinubu’s Swearing In

Nigerian UK-based pastor, Tobi Adegboyega, has expressed his optimism that Nigeria will experience positive economic changes after the swearing-in of the President-elect, Bola Tinubu.

The celebrity clergyman made this known in a post shared on Instagram while recalling the poor state of China about 40 years ago. According to him, there will be an ‘economic miracle’ with the incoming administration of Tinubu and it has nothing to do with religion.

“Economic miracle. China was poor just 40 years ago. If we go by China’s economy (19+trn) it means all African leaders are not up to one Chinese leader. (Africa’s economy is about 4 trn) I think Nigeria being the biggest economy in Africa could have done better but with a new government coming in.

“I think there will be another economic miracle. 40-year journey. Where will you fit in this coming miracle? By the way, religion has no place in this miracle. The building system is more important than immediate prosperity, it is systems. China opened up and maintained its own system of governance not allowing a foreign nation to tell them how to govern,” Adegboyega wrote.

It is worthy to note that the President-elect, Bola Tinubu, is yet to be sworn in.


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