Nigerian At 61: President Buhari Lifts Twitter Ban

The celebration of Nigeria’s 61st independence started with a good move, after President Buhari lifts twitter ban, after a ban close to 200 days.

Recall that, on June 5, the activities of Twitter, a social media platform was suspended in Nigeria by the Federal Government after the social media platform deleted an alleged genocidal tweet made by the president Of Nigeria due to violation of the platform community rules.

The ban was announced by Alhaji Lai Muhammed, who stated that the ban was placed to address the raving issues of negativities exhibited by Netizens on the platform. The order was immediately followed by all Network Providers in Nigeria, which made netizens employ Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access the microblogging app.

The management of the social media app Twitter Inc. tried to talk with the Federal Government of Nigeria, all to no avail, due to the excessive demands placed by the Government on the App management.

Many reactions have followed after President Buhari lifts the Twitter Ban during today’s speech to celebrate the 61st anniversary of Nigeria’s independence.

Buhari also revealed that the ban lifting was temporary. Still, his presidential technical team will reach out with the micro-blogging app to address issues that led to the platform ban in Nigeria.

If the outcome of the meeting turns out positive, it may be lifted permanently to allow netizens to use the platform.


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