N20m Ripping: “If They Born You Well, Come To Lagos” – Portable Dares Charles Okocha (VIDEO)

In the latest twist to the alleged N20 million ripping saga, Portable, the CEO of Zeh Nation, has issued a bold challenge to Nollywood star Charles Okocha. The Zazuu crooner, who recently accused Okocha of cheating him out of a 40 million naira ambassadorial deal, responded vehemently to the actor’s explanations.

Charles Okocha, in his defense, claimed he assisted Portable due to the singer’s difficulty in securing collaborations. He detailed flying Portable and his crew to Abuja, covering a two-day stay at Transcorp, and even providing a generous sum of 5 million naira. However, Okocha alleges that Portable repaid his kindness with disloyalty and attempts to tarnish his reputation.

In a swift response, Portable dared Charles Okocha to come to Lagos if he has the courage. Using a local saying, the singer emphasized that those who do not show you the route are not meant to know your destination. He maintained that a total of N40 million was paid to Okocha, and he claims entitlement to a portion of it.

As the feud unfolds, the public eagerly awaits the next developments, and tensions rise in the entertainment sphere over this clash between Portable and Charles Okocha. Stay tuned for more updates on this escalating controversy.


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