Lonzo Nzekwe: Biography Of A Nigerian-Canadian Filmmaker and Media Entrepreneur

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Lonzo Nzekwe

Explore the life and career of Lonzo Nzekwe, a prolific Nigerian-Canadian filmmaker based in Toronto, Canada. Learn about his notable works, awards, involvement in media entrepreneurship, and the upcoming film “Orah.”

Lonzo Nzekwe’s Personal Information

Full NameLonzo Nzekwe
Date of BirthNot specified (Born in 1965)
State of OriginNigeria
OccupationFilmmaker, Director, Writer, Producer

Personal Background

Lonzo Nzekwe is a Nigerian-Canadian filmmaker known for his transnational storytelling. He resides in Toronto, Canada, and his work bridges the cultural divide between Nigeria and Canada.

Career And Achievements

Self-Taught Filmmaker

Nzekwe is a self-taught filmmaker, showcasing his remarkable talents in writing, directing, and producing most of his film projects. His creative journey has been marked by significant accomplishments and contributions to the film industry.

Notable Works

  • “Anchor Baby” (2010): Lonzo Nzekwe made his debut in 2010 with “Anchor Baby,” a film that premiered at the 2010 Harlem International Film Festival and received the prestigious Best Film award. Notably, “Anchor Baby” found a new audience when it was released on Netflix on May 20, 2020.
  • “Meet The Parents” (2016): His second film, “Meet The Parents,” received the award for “Best Short Film” at the 2016 Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA). This recognition underscored Nzekwe’s storytelling prowess.
  • “Orah” (2023): Lonzo Nzekwe’s second feature film, “Orah,” entered production in 2022. The film’s selection for screening at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival’s Industry Selects program demonstrates Nzekwe’s growing influence and reputation in the film industry. The official public premiere of “Orah” is set to take place at the 2023 Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival.

Entrepreneurship And Media Ventures

In addition to his filmmaking endeavors, Nzekwe is a multifaceted media entrepreneur. He co-founded FEVA TV, which stands as the first black-owned 24-hour Canadian television network. From 2013 to 2015, he served as the CEO of FEVA TV, contributing to the diversification of media representation.

Nzekwe’s commitment to media extends beyond traditional television, as he actively engages in content distribution and production. He founded Ironflix, a film production and streaming company, further establishing his presence in the media landscape.

Early Life And Transition To Canada

Lonzo Nzekwe’s life took a significant turn when he left Nigeria in 1997. Currently, he calls Ontario, Canada, his home. His cross-continental journey has allowed him to infuse his work with the richness of both Nigerian and Canadian culture.

Lonzo Nzekwe’s career is marked by the successful creation of transnational narratives, leading to accolades and recognition in the world of film. His commitment to the industry and media entrepreneurship demonstrates his dedication to telling diverse and impactful stories.

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