Kyllian Mbappe A Hero Without Roots

I hear some of you saying that Africans are playing in the national teams of countries in other continents, because our system is corrupt, not based on meritocracy.

That if Mbappé Kyllian, for example, was in Cameroon, he couldn’t have been selected to play and may not have had the training which sharpened his talent. You approve Mbappé for giving glory to another country instead of the land of his ancestors. Of course you are all very right about that, our system is far from perfect.

Interestingly, those supporting Kyllian Mbappé, are the same people who accuse Yannick Noah for becoming an international tennis champion under France instead of Cameroon.

If Cameroon is corrupt then France is the corrupter. We did not go for their players, they used financial influence to enslave our compatriots. There is more meritocracy in Cameroon than in France. The Cameroon national team which played the Qatar world cup was made up of 26 Cameroonians. Meanwhile, the French national team which got to the finals of the Qatar world cup, was a mixture of players from Africa and other parts of the world. By hiring foreigners to play in the French team, France deprived its bonafide citizens from defending their fatherland themselves. If France built its national team based on meritocracy, there couldn’t have been any African in that squad. And this is clear prove that France is corrupt, cannot achieve anything on their own without corrupting and incorporating citizens of poorer countries, especially Africans.

Naturalisation is a scam! That my child was born in your house doesn’t make him yours. According people the right to disown their countries and take up other nationalities, is like authorizing a child to abandon his poor father for a rich man! The politics of naturalisation was devised to drain human capital from poor countries to wealthy nations.

Africa is corrupt, because our leaders studied in Europe and America. Even those Africans who passed through the best universities abroad, are corrupt, because that is what the West taught them. That’s why African leaders converge overseas from time to time, to pay allegiance to their corrupt mentors, who seasoned them on corrupt leadership. A thing you will never see happening in Africa, European or American leaders don’t assemble in African countries for meetings!

I wish to challenge you, that African who keeps stigmatising our continent with vices, to give me the synonym of favouritism, bribery and corruption in your native language. In order words, are there words in any African mother tongue whose meanings are similar to favouritism, bribery and corruption? Our people learnt these malpractices from abroad, those concepts are vocabularies from the West and part of their culture. Our leaders only learnt that from them and can never be more corrupt than their teachers!

All these boil down to one thing, namely: that we Africans should believe in ourselves and in our continent. It isn’t dignifying for Africans to continue to hand themselves into modern day slavery, because we are made to believe that our continent is most corrupt, so we must go where there is more money. You can never see French citizens begging to play for Cameroon, because their places in the French national team have been given to Africans. Don’t even dare to think that Europeans cannot play in African teams because we lack money! If African countries can pay foreign coaches from France, Portugal, Russia and other European countries, their players cannot be more than us to hire. So why can we not also accept our fate in our countries and stay put with those potentials needed to move Africa forward?

It’s time for Africa to take over the world and lead it, we got what it takes, we can do it!

© Frankline Njume


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