JUST IN: We Won’t Cancel Examination For Students Who Have Met All Criteria To Write – Unical VC

Following the outburst orchestrated by fake news merchants declaring that the University of Calabar has canceled her examinations written for the 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 academic sessions, the Vice-Chancellor of the Institution, Prof. Florence Banku Obi has debunked it, saying that it’ll amount to punishing law-abiding students of the Institution along offenders.

Prof. Obi who reacted few minutes ago as to whether the news making round the social media is true or not said,

“No. We won’t cancel examination for bonafide students who have met all criteria for writing examination. That will amount to punishing law abiding students, but examination written by students who did not qualify to write such exams stand cancelled.

“All such students who wrote exams in any course without course registration were simply engaged in brain exercise not examination. We are going to call for, and screen all the examination booklets used by such students vis-a-vis, the registration list.

Surely, we can’t place the cart before the horse. The prerequisite for writing examination in any course in any university is registering for the course(s). So, my administration stance on ‘no course registration, no exams which is a global practice’ not Florence Obi policy”.

The Vice-Chancellor however stated that the ‘no course registration, no examination policy’ is a long existing policy in the University of Calabar, but however jettisoned for whatever reason. In her words,

“I am only enforcing a policy that had long existed even in Unical before it was jettisoned for whatever reason.

“Setting aside of guiding academic regulations and practices has cost the university so much with the attendant effect on serious-minded students. She added.

Official statement is however expected as the University Senate headed by the Vice-Chancellor is currently in an emergency session to take decisions on the lingering issues.

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