Just In: NLC Sends Powerful Warning To Buhari Over Plan On Fuel Increase

Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC has sent out a powerful warning to President Muhammadu Buhari over plan on the fuel price increase.

Recall that the NNPC chairman, Malam Mele Kyari, announced days ago that the subsidy on fuel will be removed by February 2022, and the price of petrol may become around N320 and N340.

Following this, Ayubba Wabba, the NLC president, sent out a powerful warning to Buhari on fuel increase. He stated that the group would never agree to the removal of subsidies on petrol.

He stated that ” the congress group will always reject the deregulation based on the import-driven model, which federal government is liaising with international monetary institutions.”

” This case was moved months ago, but later died down, between the government and workers, we will never agree to pay high prices for refined petroleum because of any import is driven, model.”

” How will Nigeria be the only country among Oil-Producing countries that cannot produce its refined petroleum products, and also that attempt by Buhari to compare the price of petrol with other countries is faulty”.


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