Just In: Gunmen Invade Prof Akintoye House

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Our sources have revealed that unknown Gunmen invade Prof Akintoye house, earlier today.

Professor, Banji Akintoye, who happens to be the Ilana Omo Oodua; a pan-socio Political and Self-Elevation Yoruba group leader, is a 86 year old lecturer of history, whose name had making wave since the inception of the Yoruba Nation Movement. He was one of the strong stakeholders that supported Sunday Igboho during his fight for the liberation of the Yoruba Nation.

Unknown Gunmen invade Prof Akintoye house located in Ado Ekiti, fortunately, the history lecturer was not home.

According to Prof Banji spokesman, Maxwell Adeleye stated that; the gunmen gained access to the compound after illegally scaling through the fence, Prof Akintoye was not around, and they started shooting sporadically after the Gunmen left, several bullets were seen littered around the compound, the incident was immediately reported to the Ekiti State Police for immediate investigation.

Recall that Sunday Igboho residence was also invaded by Gunmen, who killed and caused damage in his house.

Will the fate of Prof Akintoye end like Igboho??

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