Just In: Another King Abducted In Imo State

News has reached BEST NEWS NETWORK that another king has been abducted again in Imo state.

Recall that, few days ago, BEST NEWS NETWORK reported that a chief called Eze Acho Ndukwe, who happened to be the Chairman of OIigwe Local Government traditional rulers and the owner of Genesis Hotel and the king of a nearby community, was kidnapped after the Gunmen set different properties and car on fire.

Earlier today, another king was abducted again in Imo state after he was trailed.

Eze Aloysius Igwe, the leader of Umuezeala-Ama Community in Ehime Mbano Local Government one trailed by the Gunmen before he was later abducted at Imuezeala market square.

There are speculations that the targets of the Gunmen are the kings and chief under Okigwe Local Government traditional rulers.


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