Jonathan Reveals Why He Would Have Relocated His Mother To Abuja If Diri Had Lost The Election

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has shared insights into his considerations regarding the recent governorship election in Bayelsa State. Following Governor Duoye Diri’s victory, Jonathan commended Diri’s efforts in addressing insecurity, stating that his re-election would contribute to a safer Bayelsa.

Jonathan, a former governor of Bayelsa, emphasized the importance of maintaining peace and avoiding unnecessary crises in the state. Expressing satisfaction with the election process, he urged the public to accept the results and unite in supporting Governor Diri for the state’s progress.

“We believe the governor won the election, and we plead that people should accept it and work with the governor. Let all of us support him so that the state will move ahead.”

Jonathan revealed a personal commitment, stating, “I was saying before this election that if Diri loses this election, I would have relocated my mother to Abuja.” This remark underlines the potential concerns he had about the security situation if there was a change in leadership.

Recalling a personal tragedy involving the kidnapping and death of his cousin, Jonathan expressed optimism that under Diri’s leadership, the state would overcome challenges such as cultism and kidnapping.

“We’ve passed through hell in this state, and we’ve seen a little light at the end of the tunnel. So, people should calm down, and allow Diri to focus on governance.”


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