If Tinubu’s Ambitions Were Good, Why Did He Force Former Governor Ambode Out – Phrank Shaibu

The People’s Democratic Party Presidential candidate and former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar spoke in a statement by his Special Assistant on Public Communications, Phrank Shaibu. In the statement, Tinubu’s good governance ambition was questioned and it said that Tinubu being the sole administrator of Lagos state after his governorship is the major reason why he shouldn’t be the best president of Nigeria. As extracted from This Day Live Newspaper, Phrank Shaibu wrote…

“Although Lagos is cited as proof of his leadership, Lagos is actually the main reason he should never be president and the leader of the nation and party. As in Lagos, he will eventually become the only unchangeable administrator in Nigeria.”

“If Tinubu’s ambition were about good governance, we dare to ask why he forced former Governor Ambode out? This self-appointed ‘maker’ of President Buhari and ’emilokan’ exponent, wants to be the Groom in every wedding and the corpse in every funeral. The centre of the political universe.”


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