If Poverty Is From The Devil, Then The Devil Is Pretty Doing A Better Job Than God – Fr. Oluoma

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Catholic Priest Questions Belief in Stolen Destinies and Money Rituals, Challenges Notions of Poverty

In a thought-provoking Facebook post, Catholic priest Rev Fr. Oluoma has raised questions about the widely held beliefs in stolen destinies and money rituals. The priest, known for his thought-provoking insights, challenges the notion that destinies can be stolen and questions the circumstances under which individuals claim their destinies only started yielding wealth after being allegedly stolen.

Fr. Oluoma’s logical examination of the issue questions why individuals’ destinies were not yielding financial prosperity before they were supposedly stolen. He also highlights the absence of references to stolen destinies and money rituals in the Bible, suggesting that these concepts may be modern phenomena popularized by certain ministers seeking to captivate their followers.

While acknowledging the existence of money rituals, Fr. Oluoma asserts that they are a ploy by the devil to entice people into committing evil acts. He argues that the focus on money rituals distracts from the true teachings of Christianity and encourages individuals to critically examine their beliefs and the messages they receive from religious leaders.

However, Fr. Oluoma also raises a challenging question that has caught the attention of believers and non-believers alike: “If poverty is from the devil and statistics show there are more poor people than rich people, then the devil is pretty doing a better job than God.” This statement adds another layer to the discussion, prompting further examination of the relationship between poverty, spirituality, and religious beliefs.

His post reads;


“I watched the video of a lady who tearfully narrated how her boyfriend used her destiny ( through her underwears and pictures) for money rituals. He even bought car for her. She stated that they have dated for less than 2 years.

“The implication of what she said is that she has a destiny of wealth, the boyfriend has used it and is now cashing out. I’m not here to shade her or say she’s lying, I just want to logically, biblically and culturally probe her claims and the issues of money ritual and stolen destinies in general. I want us to critically examine those issues.

Logically, how comes she has a destiny that yields money but she never had or made money until her boyfriend used her or it(her destiny) for ritual? Same goes for those who said their destinies were stolen through spiritual means. What exactly were your destinies yielding before someone else stole them and they started yielding wealth and prosperity? Why wasn’t your ‘destiny’ or ‘star’ yielding financial prosperity before it was stolen?

As I write, there are people fasting, binding and praying against destiny thieves in various miracle centers and churches. Some have been on it for years if not decades, they are still not wealthy if not broke.

It seems to me that our Christianity is more of sloganeering. We enthusiastically profess slogans like WHAT GOD CANNOT DO DOES NOT EXIST, but our attitude actually says WHAT THE DEVIL CANNOT DO DOES NOT EXIST. If poverty is from the devil and statistics show there are more poor people than rich people, then the devil is pretty doing a better job than God. This would be unfortunate. Unless of course folks are ignorantly attributing to the devil what he’s not doing.

Biblically, ‘stolen destinies’ and ‘money ritual’ are completely absent. I haven’t seen anywhere in the bible( I would be grateful and humble to learn) where someone’s destiny is said to be stolen by another through diabolical means. The closest would be Esau who sold his birth right, which doesn’t equate with destiny.

Biblically, destiny is not a materialistic entity. Eph 1:4 mentions holiness as our destiny before the world was made. In our time people equate destiny with things like profession, career and material position or affluence.

I also haven’t seen anywhere anyone was used for money ritual in the bible. People robbed, killed, cheated and betrayed others for money in the bible, but not one mention of money ritual. What is recorded in the bible are bits of human sacrifices for atonement or some other cause that has nothing to do with money.

Culturally, human sacrifice was rife in our pre christian societies. Our traditional societies believed in spiritual powers and their effects on human beings. I don’t think I ever heard of money rituals happening. I am leaving this to you, ask your aged parents and grandparents whether there was anything like money ritual that included killing another human being.

While I regard the idea of “stolen destinies” as one of those outlandish spiritual phantoms of our time, popularized by some modern ministers looking for anything to catch the fancy of their followers and keep them busy with patronage of their mercantile ministry, I regard Money ritual as one of the devil’s idea to entice people into evil crimes that mortgage their souls. Money ritual is a bait the devil uses to lure people into all sorts of evil. Some make money, but it’s not the ritual that gives them the money, it’s something else.

In part two I will attempt to establish what I think is how money rituals work and why the devil wants people to believe in the lie. Until then, let’s hear your informed views on the issues. Bless you”

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