‘Idiot, What Are You Doing Here?’ ‘Mumu, Why You Carry Your Leg Go Give Mallam To Dey Cut?’ – Mr Ibu’s Banter With Colleague, Charles Inojie

Popular Nollywood actor, Charles Inojie, shared a heartfelt account of his recent visit to his colleague, Mr Ibu, who is currently undergoing treatment after a leg amputation. The visit unfolded in a blend of humor and resilience, showcasing Mr Ibu’s indomitable spirit.

Inojie, accompanied by Chinyere Wilfred and others, described the surprising atmosphere in Mr Ibu’s private ward. The initial exchange between the two actors set the tone for the visit:

IBU: “Idiot, what are you doing here?”

ME: “Mumu, why you carry your leg go give mallam to dey cut?”

IBU: “I get sense?”

Inojie acknowledged his initial hesitation in sharing the experience, fearing it might undermine the gravity of Mr Ibu’s condition. However, the encouragement from Ali Baba gave him the confidence to narrate the encounter.

The room, though in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), echoed with laughter as Mr Ibu continued bantering not only with Inojie but also with Chinyere Wilfred. Inojie emphasized that anyone entering the room wouldn’t easily identify the patient, so lively and entertaining was Mr Ibu.

Despite the pain, Mr Ibu maintained his humor, sharing a doctor’s assurance that he might regain the use of his leg. He jokingly mentioned the loss of some “betta-betta meat” from the leg.

The visit took a poignant turn when Inojie initiated a prayer. Holding Mr Ibu’s hands, they connected on a deep level, and emotions surfaced. Inojie confessed to a rush of tears, which Mr Ibu noticed:

IBU: “Idiot, you go dey cry. Wetin dey beat you?”

ME: “Mumu, you no cry?”

IBU: “Na as I see you dey cry, na him I say make I support you na.”

Even in vulnerability, Mr Ibu’s humor shone through, lightening the moment. The nurses attending to him couldn’t help but join in the laughter.

Inojie concluded his account with a reflection on the powerful lesson learned from Mr Ibu’s resilience: “WHOEVER CAN MUSTER THE WILLPOWER TO SURVIVE IN THE FACE OF ANGUISH AND LIFE-THREATENING PAIN, CAN DEFEAT DEATH EVEN IN THE MOST FIERCESOME BATTLE.”


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