“I May Not Be Alive To See An Igbo Man Become President Of Nigeria, It’s So Painful” – Dr. Wabara

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In an exclusive conversation with Vanguard, Dr. Adolphus Wabara, the 10th Senate President of Nigeria and current Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Peoples Democratic Party, expressed profound regret over the possibility of not witnessing an Igbo man ascend to the presidency of Nigeria. The 75-year-old diplomat and elder statesman voiced his concerns, attributing the perceived reluctance to political manipulations against the Igbo people.

“I may not be alive to see an Igbo man become President of Nigeria. It’s so painful and it gives me concern. I don’t know why Nigeria does not seem to have trust in us,” lamented Senator Wabara.

He emphasized the positive impact an Igbo leader could bring to the nation, citing the Igbo community’s notable achievements across various fields. Wabara stressed the de-tribalized nature of the Igbo people and their commitment to the unity of Nigeria.

“The Igbo man has proved his mettle and thrives virtually in every field of human endeavor, yet, Nigeria does not believe in allowing him to come to power. There is no doubt we will make Nigeria great if allowed to be President,” asserted Wabara.

Wabara questioned the reluctance of what he referred to as “political hawks” in Nigeria, expressing confusion as to why there seems to be apprehension about an Igbo person assuming the presidency. He argued that as long as the Igbo community faces political marginalization, the entire country would be affected negatively.

“Unknown to these forces, as long as the Igbo man is down politically, the entire country will be down! Nigeria has nothing to lose but all to gain if an Igbo man is allowed and supported to take a shot at the Presidency,” he stated.

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