Hunter Biden Seeks Trump’s Involvement To Challenge Gun Charges Amid Allegations Of Political Motivation

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Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, has taken an unexpected legal step by filing a motion to subpoena former President Donald Trump for documents. Biden’s legal team argues that these documents could reveal political motivations behind the Department of Justice’s investigation into his federal gun charges. The move mirrors a claim frequently made by Trump amid his own criminal probes.

Biden faces three felony charges related to a 2018 firearm purchase, with prosecutors alleging false statements about drug addiction during the transaction. Despite pleading not guilty, Biden’s legal troubles have become a focal point for Republicans seeking to tie him to his father’s administration, especially as President Biden approaches reelection next November.

In the filed motion, Hunter Biden’s attorneys specifically requested subpoenas for Trump and several former DOJ officials, including William Barr, Jeffrey Rosen, and Richard Donoghue. The motion alleges instances of Trump applying “incessant, improper, and partisan pressure” on DOJ officials related to the investigation, pointing to social media posts as evidence.

Former federal prosecutor Neama Rahmani, however, expressed skepticism about the strategy. Rahmani noted that proving selective prosecution, the defense’s objective, is challenging. He highlighted the need to demonstrate impermissible motives behind the prosecution, which might be difficult to establish.

Despite the ongoing investigation under President Biden’s DOJ, Hunter Biden’s legal team seeks documents, including communications related to investigations, personal records, and documents produced for the House Select Committee on the January 6 Capitol attack mentioning Hunter Biden. The outcome of this legal maneuver will undoubtedly impact the broader narrative surrounding Hunter Biden’s legal challenges.

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