How Peter Obi Saved Us, Paid Extra To NYSC Members To Work In My LGA – Man From Non-Igbo Community Anambra Recounts

A twitter user known as Tony who said to be hailed from the northern part of Anambra state (non-Igbo community) revealed how his community has been suffering before the coming of Peter Obi as the state governor.

In his tweet, he disclosed how the Labour Party presidential flag, Peter Obi brought several development to his abandoned community by many past Anambra state governors.

His tweet: “I am from the Northernmost part of Anambra State, and we live across the Anambra River, my L.G.A is the only L.G.A that has non-Igbos and is headquartered in a non-Igbo community.

“What it tells you is that by our riverine terrine; we are environmentally disadvantaged especially because of flooding. Also because of the 50% non-Igbo communities; we are ethnically disadvantaged.

“We are the biggest farming L.G.A in the state, yet we are only considered one of the 21 L.G.A’s because we bring federal allocation including one of the biggest ecological funds in the state (All goes to JA) beyond the allocations, maybe they would prefer to call us ‘Kogi People’

“There was almost nothing to show that we were part of Anambra state and federation until Peter Obi became governor. It will be an understatement to use the word ‘marginalisation’ in describing how we were treated

Why Did I Give This Background?

1. Because the only existing tarred road in my L.G.A till today was done by Obi Administration. Ngige said he didn’t believe the state govt had capacity to handle such project; it is an elevated road with long bridge and multiple culverts to make it all season.

2. Because the Obi Administration gave at least 1 community size borehole to all the 10 communities in the L.G.A. The only other set of boreholes before Obi came to power were 5 PTF boreholes in the L.G.A Obasanjo Administration started and abandoned one elephant’ water scheme

3. For the 1st time since after Shagari govt; public primary and secondary schools got renovated and got at least one new block each. Teachers were supervised and given incentives to live in the communities Govt agreed to pay NYSC members extra to work in the L.G.A, Farm schools were established, buses, computers and power generating sets were provided.

4. Because palliatives meant for flood affected communities both from the FG and State govt reached the people and in time! while Obi was governor; most especially during the 2012 flood

Thank God we had PO who didn’t discriminate and was with the people through the 3months of disaster.

5. For the 1st time since after the Nwobodo govt, the only ‘semi’ general hospital in the L.G.A was reequipped and govt partnered with the church to establish another hospital.

Also at least one living quarter and one ward block was renovated in health posts in all 10 communities.

6. The governor visited the L.G.A multiple times and slept in the Anglican Bishops house at least on one occasion.

7. I don’t think it is necessary to continue listing these little things. But my reason is to put my bias towards Obi in your plain view… Peter Obi made us to again believe that we are equally part of Anambra State

8. After Obi, the next governor returned us to the place of “forgotten people”.

Let me just add that we are still not connected to the national grid, so if you know anyone who can help the good people of Anambra West L.G.A please help us; we will love you the much we love Obi.


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