How Peter Obi Paid About N300 Million To Polling Unit Agents – Aisha Yesufu Speaks

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As reported by Trust TV, In a recent revelation, further details have emerged regarding the utilization of election funds by the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi. The funds, which amounted to a substantial sum, were meticulously allocated for various purposes during the 2023 polls.

Mr. Peter Obi’s campaign team had initially earmarked a staggering N1.4 billion for paying polling unit agents. However, as the election day approached, challenges arose in ensuring transparency and accountability in the disbursement process.

Speaking exclusively to Trust TV, Aisha Yesufu, a prominent figure within Peter Obi’s election team, shed light on her principled approach. She emphasized the need for responsible financial management and the avoidance of embezzlement. Yesufu stated, “We live in a nation where people believe that when you see money, you should embezzle it.”

On election day, Yesufu faced a dilemma. Numerous lists of polling unit agents were forwarded to her for payment. However, she took a firm stance. “I refused to oblige,” she asserted, “and I insisted on paying the agents directly.” Instead of blindly disbursing funds based on unverified lists, Yesufu implemented a rigorous process.

Yesufu’s strategy was straightforward. She sent SMS messages to the agents, requesting their account details and election results. Those who complied received their payments promptly. “Those who did not do so would not be paid,” she clarified.

As a result of Yesufu’s diligence, Mr. Peter Obi ended up disbursing approximately N300 million to polling unit agents. But that’s not all. Recognizing the importance of fairness, Obi also allocated a portion of the funds to the party. This allocation aimed to settle agents who were not on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) official list

Yesufu acknowledged that this approach might be unconventional for Nigerians accustomed to different practices. However, it underscores the commitment to transparency and accountability in managing election funds.

You can watch the interview here.

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