How I Responded When I Dreamt And Saw Myself In A Coffin – Bishop David Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo, the General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide spoke at Shiloh 2022, COVENANT HIGHWAYS, Day 2 Hour of Visitation, Third Word Session, Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland.

According to him, we must first recognize that life is a battlefield, not a playground. We are confronted with spiritual battles. Life is a battlefield, not a playground and that is the reason we need to be empowered. So there are serpents and scorpions in the invisible realm that we walk over day and night. It takes empowerment to triumph in spite of them. It is not enough to be empowered, we must stay empowered because if you faint on the day of battle your strength is small.

So, We can’t afford to get ready for the battle, we must live ready for the battle. These battles have no timetable so they can come at any time and in any shape and form. We must live ready for the battles. That is the need to stay empowered for we do not know when the next battle will strike. We can’t subdue the enemy without power. It takes power to subdue our enemies. It takes empowerment to rule and reign in spite of our enemies.

He then revealed that he dreamt and saw himself in a coffin and told them how he responded. He said, “I saw myself in a dream in a coffin. When the truth enters your spirit, it is there whether you are asleep or awake. When a lion goes to bed it does not become a sheep. Inside that dream, I responded by the truth in my spirit. “Satan, you must be a fool because there is no wisdom or counsel in the grave. No one sees himself in a coffin and stays there. Get lost”. I answered him in the dream.”

He then said, “God’s word empowers beyond what you can imagine but today we have limited it to the head. It is not there. At that time the head was asleep. Your spirit man does not sleep but the head sleeps. It is part of the body. The word that empowers is the word that enters your spirit not the logic. The one that enters your spirit is the one that empowers you. If you ask the devil how many times he has killed me, I am not dead. When I go to heaven there is no devil who can kill me. If they can, they will have done that long ago. Every harassment on your life by the wicked ends today. It ends here finally today. I release you today as a terror to the camp of your enemies.”


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