Here’s What The Panties You Wear Say About The Type Of Woman You Are

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Underwear is something very personal, which is why this item of clothing can say so much about a person.

There's a grain of truth in everything [Lifehacker]

The kind of panties you like to wear can say a lot about your personality.

Your choice of underwear has a surprising amount to do with your character. Thongs, boxers, or briefs — these are not random decisions.

You’d be surprised how much lingerie has to do with the temperament of the woman wearing it.

In stores we have a huge selection of panties. Find the ones you wear most often in the picture and see what it says about you.

Why is it so important? Underwear is clothing that remains hidden from the view of others for most of the day. We put it on only or mainly for ourselves.

We are aware that no one will judge or comment on our panties. Therefore, we can allow ourselves complete freedom in this matter and completely trust our inner needs and beliefs.

Underwear is something very personal, which is why this item of clothing can say so much about a person.

Women wearing this type of lingerie are calm and composed. They never lose their cool. They like to go wild from time to time. Although they don’t look like it at first glance, they are capable of very bold and unexpected moves.

Sometimes they can surprise you. They always have something up their sleeve and it is impossible to fully get to know them and figure them out. They are ideal candidates for friends and confidantes. You can trust them.

Ladies who choose such panties are serious, self-confident and pragmatic people. They devote a lot of time to their work. Education, development and a good standard of living are very important to them. They never stand still or rest on their laurels. They always want more and are ready to work hard and honestly for it. They are also very sociable, have many friends and are happy to speak up.

This underwear is worn by independent and brave girls. They are not afraid to say what they think or do what they want. They are not afraid of loneliness or criticism. They know what they want and they stick to their beliefs. It is hard to make them compromise. They have no problem leaving their comfort zone and showing what they are really capable of.

Women who most often choose such panties are loner by nature. They like to spend time in their own company. People often tire and annoy them. They prefer peace and their own, organised world. They do not like spontaneity, risk, noise. They feel uncomfortable then. If they have a choice between a book or a movie, they will always choose the former. They can seem a bit cold and unfriendly.

These panties are worn by women who value following the rules. They spend their whole lives trying to do the right thing. Honesty, loyalty, sincerity and diligence are extremely important to them. They follow all the rules very meticulously.

They do many things against themselves just because they think they should. They care about the opinions of others. They want to be perceived as valuable, hard-working, good, simply perfect.

They try to meet the unrealistic expectations that they impose on themselves. They are very obedient, never rebel and do not know how to fight for their own.

Ladies who wear this type of lingerie are full of life and very energetic. They have a billion ideas per minute. They talk a lot, laugh a lot and sometimes jump from flower to flower. They are not lacking in courage. They know what they want and they just go for it. Regardless of what their surroundings think.

They love shopping, romance, chocolate and compliments. They believe that life is not a punishment and they just want to have a nice time. You can learn optimism and self-love from them.

These panties are worn by original and unconventional women. They live their own way and set their own rules. They are guided by reason rather than heart.

They have exceptional class and an almost aristocratic manner. They pay great attention to detail. Their image is very practical, and at the same time elegant. They always stand out from the crowd, although they do it completely unintentionally. It is simply impossible not to notice such a strong and unusual personality.

They do well in life, but they are difficult to get along with. It is difficult to be friends with them, and even harder to be in a relationship with them.

Such underwear is characteristic of women who are frivolous. They are said to never grow up. They want to have fun all their lives and are drawn to adventures. They are unstable in their feelings and have problems following rules. They do not like to clean or save money and are often late. Their company is a guarantee of great fun, after which, unfortunately, someone else has to clean up.

So what? Do you agree? Remember that even though it’s just fun, there’s a grain of truth in everything.

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